Cole cares a lot about his friends and will do anything to rescue them. He is great at comebacks and not afraid of heights, both attributes help him survive in the Five Kingdoms. For better or worse, Cole is incredibly brave and often gets himself into dangerous situations in order to do the right thing.

Hometown: The prosperous world, or Earth. More specifically, he is from Boise, Idaho and moved to Mesa, Arizona in the fourth grade.

Appearance: Cole follows his friends into the Outskirts the night of Halloween so he's dressed as a scarecrow with an arrow through his chest or, as Cole says, a scarecrow that had been used for archery practice.

Fun Fact: In Skyport, Cole is allowed a special item to help him survive scouting the floating castles before they're raided. At Mira's suggestion, Cole chooses a jumping sword. As I'm sure you've guessed, the jumping sword lets him jump much greater distances than he normally could.


Mira is the first friend Cole makes in the Outskirts and she teaches him a lot about the Five Kingdoms. Mira, and her many secrets, will be a big part of Cole's quest to find his friends.  

Hometown: Junction City, capitol of the Five Kingdoms

Appearance: Mira is about Cole's height and wears boots, corduroy pants, a collared shirt and suspenders printed with shamrocks. She has short hair, gray eyes, and is coated by a thin layer of dirt, like everyone in Skyport.

Fun fact: Mira started out as a scout but she showed shaping abilities and started training with Durny, the top shaper in Skyport. Shaping is a lot like magic. Depending on ability, Shapers can create semblances that act like humans or animals and they can create special objects, like Cole's jumping sword.


Jace is the unofficial senior scout when Cole arrives. Jace's abundance of self-confidence and bossiness is often at odds with Cole's more laid back personality. The two boys will become friends, however, when they are united by the same goal.

Hometown: Skyport, the city on the very edge of the Outskirts

Appearance: Jace is a little taller than Cole and has a bronze complexion and dark hair.

Fun Fact: Jace found the Golden Rope on one of his scouting missions. The Golden Rope is the only one in Skyport and is very valuable. Though it starts out the size of a small string, it can expand to any length and hold any weight without breaking.


Twitch is scout like Jace and Cole but is very different from them. He likes to keep his head down and stay out of trouble. Like Mira, Twitch has some secrets he keeps from the inhabitants of Skyport. For one thing, he won't reveal what his special item for scouting is to anyone.

Hometown: Elloweer

Appearance: Short and skinny. Though he's Cole age, he looks much younger.

Fun fact: Ruben is Twitch's real name but he got the nickname because he's jumpy and flinches a lot.

Cole’s Hometown Friends

Dalton is Cole's best friend since the fourth grade. Cole used to have crush on Jenna when he was younger but now they're in the same 6th grade class together and have become good friends.

Hometown: The prosperous world. Specifically, Mesa, Arizona.

Appearance: Like Cole, Jenna and Dalton traveled to the Outskirts in their Halloween costumes. Jenna is dressed as Cleopatra and a straight black wig with bangs covers up her dark, curly hair. Dalton is dressed as a sad clown so he wears a trench coat and fedora and his easy smile is covered by an exaggerated makeup frown.

Fun Fact: In the Outskirts, the slavers believe Jenna and Dalton have shaping abilities and are taken to the High King, where shaping slaves are very valuable.